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Allotments: History of Allotments, Getting an Allotment, What Not to Do in Your...
Around the Home
Around the Home: Generate your Own Power, Making Your Own Bread, The Pot-in-Pot...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Home Composting and Growing Vegetables: A Case Study, Our First Year...
Energy & Water
Energy & Water: Self-Sufficient Energy, Using Grey Water in Your Home, Using...
Food & Drink
Food & Drink: Make Your Own Tofu, Make Your Own Pasta, Make Your Own Beer, Make...
Foraging: All about Foraging, Foraging for Berries, Foraging for Wild Greens,...
Grow Herbs & Salad
Grow Herbs & Salad: Grow Your Own Salad, Grow Your Own Tomatoes, How To Grow Asparagus,...
Grow Vegetables
Grow Vegetables: Grow Your Own Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Grow Your Own Squash Plants,...
Grow Your Own
Grow Your Own: Why Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables?, What You Can't Grow, Why...
Grow Your Own Berries
Grow Your Own Berries: Grow Your Own Berries, Grow Your Own Bla...
Keeping Animals
Keeping Animals: Keeping a Goat, Keeping Cows and Livestock, Keeping Chickens in Your...
Money: Doing Car Boot Sales, Making the Most of Your Library, Living a...
Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies: All about Natural Remedies, Most Common Natural Remedies, Natural...
Latest Comments
  • Aquarius
    Re: Using Rainwater in Your Home
    You need to get a tap and connector pipe off that running into the house. It is about plumbing... I am about to connect up two…
    24 August 2014
  • James
    Re: Grow Your Own Root Vegetables
    Excellent site .....just the information I was looking for to make more use of my garden plot
    10 August 2014
  • sharonboers
    Re: What You Can't Grow
    Thanks, having discussed today how little product we buy from anywhere other than the uk, i started to wonder about the possibility of British…
    12 May 2014
  • LoftyDave
    Re: The Pot-in-Pot Refrigerator: Zeer
    PS. Inner bag should be a waterproof one of course.
    9 March 2014
  • Cosmic Tramp
    Re: Doing Car Boot Sales
    Having done many car boots I could add a lot to this article. DISPLAY IS EVERYTHING !!! See through plastic sheeting to cover up…
    24 February 2014
  • Cosmic Tramp
    Re: Make Your Own Soap
    That soap recipe...sorry but 370g of Distilled...what exactly ?!!
    24 February 2014
  • shazers
    Re: Keeping a Goat
    hi we are looking into getting and milking a goat is there any legislation to stop us ?
    1 September 2013
  • bruin1001
    Re: Selling from Your Allotment
    Of late at our allotments we are going self managed and do not really know the implications set in the new lease( still to be…
    22 December 2012
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