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Allotments: History of Allotments, Getting an Allotment, What Not to Do in Your...
Around the Home
Around the Home: Generate your Own Power, Making Your Own Bread, The Pot-in-Pot...
Case Studies
Case Studies: Home Composting and Growing Vegetables: A Case Study, Our First Year...
Energy & Water
Energy & Water: Self-Sufficient Energy, Using Grey Water in Your Home, Using...
Food & Drink
Food & Drink: Make Your Own Tofu, Make Your Own Pasta, Make Your Own Beer, Make...
Foraging: All about Foraging, Foraging for Berries, Foraging for Wild Greens,...
Grow Herbs & Salad
Grow Herbs & Salad: Grow Your Own Salad, Grow Your Own Tomatoes, How To Grow Asparagus,...
Grow Vegetables
Grow Vegetables: Grow Your Own Onions, Garlic, Leeks, Grow Your Own Squash Plants,...
Grow Your Own
Grow Your Own: Why Grow Your Own Fruit and Vegetables?, What You Can't Grow, Why...
Grow Your Own Berries
Grow Your Own Berries: Grow Your Own Berries, Grow Your Own Bla...
Keeping Animals
Keeping Animals: Keeping a Goat, Keeping Cows and Livestock, Keeping Chickens in Your...
Money: Doing Car Boot Sales, Making the Most of Your Library, Living a...
Natural Remedies
Natural Remedies: All about Natural Remedies, Most Common Natural Remedies, Natural...
Latest Comments
  • GoSelfSufficient
    Re: History of Allotments
    K77 - Your Question:Hi I am very interested in becoming more self sufficient but have limited knowledge. I would like to start by changing…
    14 September 2015
  • K77
    Re: History of Allotments
    Hi I am very interested in becoming more self sufficient but have limited knowledge. I would like to start by changing the way my family…
    13 September 2015
  • KatieM
    Re: Keeping Chickens in Your Garden
    I highly recommend buying ex commercial hens through Fresh Start 4 Hens, I've had two lots so far and they've been brilliant.…
    23 June 2015
  • digger
    Re: Grow Your Own Peas and Beans
    the marrows in the greenhouse have got the females buds 2in. long but they have started to turn yellow.help pat.
    10 June 2015
  • GoSelfSufficient
    Re: Using Rainwater in Your Home
    @WOODYSWILD - thanks for your comments, I'm sure they will help our readers.
    9 June 2015
    Re: Using Rainwater in Your Home
    Hi folks a very basic sand fillter can be used to clean rain water, good enought for most non drinking uses . I even use one for…
    6 June 2015
  • sparrow
    Re: Keeping Chickens in Your Garden
    I love this artical!!!! Also in answer to sweetpea's question, i don't think a cockral is nessasary unless you want chicks.
    24 May 2015
  • Shepherdess444
    Re: How to Store Your Food
    Hi - using a dehydrator is another great way of storing fruit and vegetables after the growing season. It also reduces the amount of…
    21 May 2015
  • Helene
    Re: What You Can't Grow
    Hello sharonboers - you might already know this but tea is grown here in britan down in Truro and I believe they sell plants as well.
    10 May 2015
  • Tishy
    Re: Foraging for Wild Greens
    Please don't touch hogweed, I have had nasty burns and blisters from cutting them down and being sprayed by with the sap
    14 February 2015
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